Welcome to Virginia Redistricting Commission

Update from the Co-Chairs

First, thank you to all who have participated in this process thus far. Your comments have informed many of our decisions and will continue to guide us as we complete our work.

As we have done throughout this process, we have spent some time assessing where we are and what is ahead, and with the guidance of our legal counsel, have determined the Commission will be shifting gears as we reach the halfway mark.

Instead of presenting draft maps of the Eastern Virginia and Hampton Roads region at our Monday meeting, the map drawers have been instructed to draw all 100 House of Delegates districts and 40 Senate districts, to be presented at our meeting on Monday, September 20. Some progress on these statewide maps can be made by following statutory criteria and our current guidance, but the map drawers need more specifics in order to complete the task. Given that our deadline is just a little over four weeks away, the time for those details is now. So, at our meeting on Monday, September 13, the Commission will be considering and discussing the criteria and guidance that need further detail and will take votes on the specific direction and guidance to give the map drawers.

At our meeting on Wednesday, September 15, the Commission will be reviewing the public comment we have received and how it will inform any additional directions for the map drawers. So many of you have submitted comment through email or written letter, at a public meeting or hearing, or through the Commission's interactive mapping and comment tool on the website, and we encourage you to continue to do so. There will be no new maps presented this week, so we have added to the interactive mapping and comment tool maps of the current House of Delegates and Senate districts and invite you to provide feedback on those districts. Where are districts, or parts of districts, that you like? Where are districts, or parts of districts, that you do not like? It is so helpful to hear not only what doesn't work but what does. The comments you submit on these maps will be part of the discussion on Wednesday.

On Monday, September 20, the map drawers will present their statewide maps for House and Senate districts and the Commission will spend the next two weeks digging into those maps and building a single statewide map for the two sets of districts.


Greta and Mackenzie

The Commission, a constitutionally created body approved by the voters of Virginia in 2020, will draw Virginia's congressional and state legislative districts in 2021.

On this site you can find information about the redistricting process and the Commission's work, as well as archived meetings, schedules for upcoming meetings and hearings, and frequently asked questions.