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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
David Hechtman
This plan preserves Fairfax County's Woodburn precinct (#717) - but it does so in a way that splits the Amberleigh apartment complex, on Gallows Road north of Inova Fairfax Hospital, into two congressional districts.
Peggy Layne
The proposed 2nd district makes no sense. Highland County has little in common with the counties of southside. There is no transportation corridor connecting these counties, their economies are very different. Highland and adjacent counties along the West Virginia line belong in a Shenadoah Valley district.
Matthew Savage
Greater Falls Church should be kept in the same district. At the very least, Fairfax County's Westhampton, Marshall, Shreve, and Timber Lane precincts should be kept with the city of Falls Church.
Jerry Saleeby
Franklin is more Southside than Southwest Virginia.
Richard G Zimermann
For #2, #5, #4 and #6, this fails the ‘compact’ test by sausage-districts that violate geographic, economic, and cultural ‘communities of interest. Most Virginians live in urban settlements, so a majority of Virginia’s 3-kinds of legislature districts should hold urban populations. Do not slice dense urban localities and their adjacent settlements of urban and suburban residents into fragments. :::> Do NOT draw districts of equal square-mile-area for equal commute times, the law defines NO ‘c-o-i’ as “equal commute times”. SO, this ‘sausage #7 district’ with Stafford in NoVa SMA should not be drawn with King & Queen in Richmond SMA and not with Poquoson in the Newport News SMA, and so on.