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VA Congressional 2021 (2)
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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Varun Vishwanath
This map is unconstitutional because its population deviation (currently 1.10%) is too high; it will immediately be struck down by federal courts. The 9th District should be more compact i.e. it shouldn't be snaking along the western border. The current configuration forces the 6th District to shift north, and it takes Albemarle County and Charlottesville as a result, which is bad from a "communities of interest" standpoint. I like the way you've restructured 5 and 7 to improve compactness, but Charlottesville should ideally be in the relatively more urbanized 7 than the rural 6. This map lacks any black-opportunity districts, which would likely also elicit the scrutiny of federal courts due to the Voting Rights Act.
Kripa Patwardhan
Hattontown should not be separated from Herndon proper and from Reston.