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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
David Hechtman
This plan splits Woodburn precinct in Fairfax County (#717) in half, and splits Merrifield into 4 districts.
Chris DeRosa
Although I applaud the drawing of 3 (rather than 4) House districts for Arlington (with two of them entirely within the County), much of the details are puzzling. North Arlington District 1 should include Dominion Hills, Madison Manor, Ballston, Bluemont and Virginia Square neighborhoods. We all use the metro stations in Ballston and Virginia Square and eat and shop throughout the Ballston Corridor (East Falls Church to Rosslyn at the Potomac River). South Arlington (District 3) appears to split the neighborhoods in the Columbia Pike corridor. The neighborhoods north of Columbia Pike should be included in District 3, rather than District 2. Those neighborhoods center on the Columbia Pike transportation corridor (ART bus 16) with its vibrant shopping and dining areas. Arlington Blvd/Rt 50 might be a more logical boundary for the South Arlington community. Please reconsider these districts.
Sara Fitzgerald
All of the Northern Virginia are a vast improvement over current maps. In all versions, the city of Falls Church has been placed in a single district. Because Falls Church joins with Arlington County for some services (courts) and Fairfax for others (e.g. Health), a case could be made to place it with either county. I'm personally still oriented to Arlington, but because Falls Church is currently linked with Fairfax districts, it may make more sense to preserve that. I agree with others that the proposal with an Arlington district along the river does not make sense as North Arlington and South Arlington are quite different, and will have different concerns over the coming decade as the arrival of Amazon changes South Arlington. Similarly, it would be helpful to preserve the area around Tyson's Corner in the same districts, as it is being developed as a population center over the next decade.
Avram Fechter
D29 goes from John Champe HS in Loudoun County to Winchester. That's an hour drive east-west. The area east of Route 15 is fundamentally different than the area West of 15. This district has very different communities of interest within it.
JoAnn Kennedy Flanagan
This map is less compact than the A version of what is now District 41. In this B version, my neighborhood is combined with outlying neighborhoods that generally have different shopping and transportation destinations.
Ankit Jain
I like the A maps better than the B maps. This map cuts up communities of interest in several locations. It also only creates one potential Asian opportunity districts as opposed to the two created in the B maps. I ask that the Commission use the A maps as its baseline rather than the B maps
Deborah E Mayer
This plan chops up Western Fairfax County into three house of delegate districts and dilutes the votes of those of us who live here. For instance, the Centreville residents of Virginia Run and Gate Post Estates are placed in a district with residents of Clifton and Fairfax Station. It would be more appropriate to keep the Centreville/Chantilly area together as a community of interest Map A is much more effective of keeping this community of interest intact.
Paul Berry
Reston is a defined Community of Interest and should not be divided. I Chair the Fairfax County Redistricting Commission and we are only considering reapportionment plans that maintain the boundaries of Reston as a complete unit. While there are similarities between the communities of Herndon and Reston, adding Herndon to this district should not come at the expense of dividing part of Reston into a neighboring district. This would be unnecessarily disruptive to residents while providing little gain to equal representation.