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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Richard Galt Zimermann, Jr.
* Here, NOVA is not even 50% urban Senate Districts: Urban SDs are compact #1, #2 #3, suburban compact SDs #4, #5, #11. Then SAUSAGE districts of urban settlement sliced into district-minorities then drawn into additions from suburbs, exburbs & rural. These are NOT compact in #4, #6, #7, #8, #9, #10, #14; compact rural SDs complete the trial with #12, #13, #15. CONCLUSION, Dislike: Northern Virginia should not be represented with a ratio of 1:4 urban-majority electorates among its Virginia Senate delegation. * “Respect localities” by aligning locality-drawn resident ‘communities of interest’, that is, their people in locality-defined neighborhoods, their ES MS HS attendance zones entire into the SAME districts; do NOT split those neighborhood communities as a rule certainly not in most. * In my previous trial draws, Senate districts average ~6000 enrolled students in 2-3 dense settlement HS zones or 6-10 rural HS, plus or minus a smaller MS or ES zone for population balance to respect locality-drawn communities of interest, the children of their families first. ** p.s. I went to ES & HS in Alexandria, it was my ‘permanent address’ in college & military service, and later I taught HS 10 years in Fairfax Co.
David Evans
I dislike the fact that the Fairlington section of Arlington remains a part of a Senate District dominated by Alexandria. I think the lines should be drawn to that this area is part of an Arlington Senate District.
fForence Keenan
SD 12 &13 make no sense; they lump northern Fauquier with Front Royal/Warren Co and Winchester/Frederick Co, while Clark Co is lumped with Loudoun Co. Look at the watersheds: northern Fauquier is in the Goose Creek watershed with Loudoun Co. We are separated from Warren and Frederick counties by mountains and watersheds.
Jason V. Morgan
As noted on the map number 36, this proposed border between districts 4 and 6 does not make sense as it appears to be based, at least in-part, on boundaries that were based an old census designated place for Tyson's Corner. The boundaries here do not match the most recent boundary for the Tyson's CDP (, which also happens to extend too far south in this region. To the extent that this region between Chain Bridge Road, Leesburg Pike, and 495 is going to be split between districts, it should follow how Fairfax County distinguishes between Tyson's Corner and the surrounding communities for specialized development (see Alternatively, it would make sense to extend district 6 all the way up to Chain Bridge Road and Leesburg Pike---the portion of Tyson's Corner here is primarily, if not exclusively, commercial. Thus using these roads as the borders rather than the exact boundary of Tyson's Corner would disadvantage few if any voters.