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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
David Hechtman
This map does not honor community of interest in Merrifield, splitting the neighborhood into 3 districts - and placing nearby Dunn Loring in a 4th district. Moving the District 14 boundary southward would only exacerbate this problem.
Moving the line to Braddock Road would effectively remove Rosemont from the 45th which is a terrible idea. Rosemont and Del Ray are intertwined communities. I would note that some of the comments to move the line to Braddock are politically motivated due to the outcome of the primary in the 45th, which resulted in a clear loss of an incumbent. The lines are well drawn at the present time for the 2nd district.
Gail K Gordon
Districts 1 and 2 need to shift a litte. The dividing line should move slightly east and north so that homes assigned to school districts are kept together. The Scroggins Road/Timberbranch Parkway area of Alexandria should be in the 46th HoD, not the 45th. Move the line to Braddock Road.
Chris DeRosa
Although I applaud the drawing of 3 (rather than 4) House districts for Arlington (with two of them entirely within the County), much of the details are puzzling. North Arlington District 5 should include Dominion Hills, Madison Manor, Ballston, Bluemont and Virginia Square neighborhoods. We all use the metro stations in Ballston and Virginia Square and eat and shop throughout the Ballston Corridor (East Falls Church to Rosslyn at the Potomac River). South Arlington (District 4) appears to split the neighborhoods in the Columbia Pike corridor. As mentioned earlier, those neighborhoods center on the Columbia Pike transportation corridor (ART bus 16) with its vibrant shopping and dining areas. Please reconsider these districts.
Frederick Wagg
Putting Pentagon City and Crystal City in the same district as North Arlington is very strange. These two areas are incredibly different and far apart.
Avram Fechter
It would make more sense for the communities of South Riding/Willowsford South/Middleburg (running along Route 50 and Braddock Road) be in the same District while Brambleton/Ashburn (running along Route 7) be in another. It takes 40+ minutes to drive from South Riding to Route 7 on a good day. District 26 is far too geographically spread out given the density of population in that part of Loudoun County. Also -- keeping Leesburg in the same District as the area of Loudoun County west of Route 15 does not make sense. They are two completely different communities of interest. (District 29).
Donald Garrett
Please do not split up Tysons Corner into 3 districts (14, 15, and 6). Tysons Corner, Virginia needs to be in the same district, much like all of the other CDPs in Fairfax County. Please Keep Tysons Corner together!
I don't like how Tysons is carved up into many districts and partially placed in the same district as Vienna (14). Even though it might not look as aesthetically pleasing, Vienna and Tysons are very different communities with conflicting interests and should be separated as such. Instead this district should be pushed southward, preferably either GMU or Jason Morgan's suggestion.
Jason V. Morgan
Proposed District 14 appears to be an improvement over existing District 35. That being said, this region of District 6, extending east to I-495 and extending south to either route 29 or route 50, should probably be part of District 14. There is quite a bit of a break in the communities around Route 29 that are east and west of I-495, so I think the benefit of keeping them together in a single district is limited. The north/south ties here are stronger than the east/west ties, thus warranting putting this region into District 14.