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Brian Murphy
PWC getting split three ways the same as FFX a county 3x it's size is a bad deal to start with but the Linton Hall Community of Interest gets vivisected in this plan perhaps the worst of any in the Commonwealth.
David Hechtman
This plan splits Fairfax County's Woodburn precinct (#717) in half and separates our residents from local FCPS schools, our nearest post office, and our member of Congress who has known our neighborhood for decades.
Patti Maslinoff
As a Leesburg resident, I was disappointed that this proposal puts Leesburg in the same district as rural Loudoun. This makes absolutely no sense. Leesburg's interest are more closely aligned with eastern Loudoun.
Keeler Konte Anderson Hunt
Heart Broken. Right now, Very against. I own businesses/programs here in Leesburg and I'm a big Leesburg History Buff. Like any group, team fan, large family...There is a certain pride that is felt being part of that history and it Flows Through as a backdrop for many business here in Leesburg. The whole feel of what you might change. is what everyone who fights change, is afraid of. I will keep looking for information on the reasoning behind this. So far, I haven't found anything that justifies it to myself.
Fran Larkins
Stafford County has grown tremendously in the last 10 years and, with the extension of the I-95 express lanes to Route 17 in south Stafford we are even more connected to Northern Virginia. Stafford County should not be in a more rural Congressional district that stretches all the way to Williamsburg. We have much more in common with our neighbors to the North. Please give us a competitive district! I feel like we have no representation at all and no chance at being heard in Washington. Thank you.
Mary Tondreau
Separating Leesburg from District 10 is a serious mistake. Leesburg is part of a community of interest with eastern Loudoun, especially Ashburn and Sterling, as well as the rest of suburban NoVA. Leesburg is closely aligned with other NoVA communities on issues of economic development, jobs, population growth, land use/zoning, transportation and education. It has almost nothing in common with rural western communities in District 6. I urge you not to silence voters in Leesburg on matters of importance to them. Please restore Leesburg to District 10.
Russell Woolard
If the idea of drawing a new map is to put certain communities of interest together, it's hard to understand how moving Leesburg to the 6th District serves that purpose. Nineteen years ago (when I first moved to Leesburg), it might have been a good fit, but no longer. Economically and culturally, we are much closer to Northern Virginia than the Shenandoah Valley, and I don't think having Leesburg in the 6th is a good match. It would be very difficult for any of those who live in such a district, and have such different needs, to feel those needs have a chance to be addressed fairly.
Nancy Goetzinger
Along with its historical charm and significance, Leesburg has continued to grow ever larger and more cosmopolitan since November of 2004 when I first moved here. I believe it would be a huge disservice to the town (on its way to becoming a city, I understand) to move it into the very large and very rural District 6. As many others have stated, Leesburg's residents could very well lose representation for the kinds of economic, land use, and sociological issues that distinguish its needs from those of the rural populations. Please do not take that approach.
Andy Pineau
The apportionment of greater Fredericksburg, including Stafford County, and some of Prince William County is not in alignment with the interests of the Northern Neck and points further south to Tidewater. This area is more aligned with the Northern Virginia, suburban Washington, DC area.
Theodore Bloechle
I would recommend continuing the 1st District up into in Dale City rather taking it Northwest to into Nokesville, potentially using the stream east of Aden as more natural barrier. Following I-95 this way would make both districts more coherent and keep together communities of interest.
Matthew Berner
District 8 should be split using US-50 separating the Rosslyn/Ballsont/I-66/OR & SV Metro Arlington County north from the I-395/BL & YL Metro Arlington County south. While the current plan holds Arlington together, North and south Arlington are different. Different housing, different make up of race, different transportation concerns, etc. (see attachment) A coalition district can be formed in northern Virginia by combining places like south Arlington, Bailey's Crossroads, Lincolnia, Annandale, Huntington, Hybla Valley, Springfield, and Lorton. (Hispanic population over 160,000, Black population over 115,000, and Asian population over 110,000)
Matthew Berner
Northern Virginia has 3 very separate communities of interest, those that live near and use the Dulles Toll Rd./Silver and Orange Metro/VA-7, those that live near and use I-66/US-50/US-29/VRE Broad Run, and those that use I-395/I-95/US-1/VRE Spotsylvania. While D10 does generally capture the west of the Dulles Toll Rd and while does capture some of the I-95 corridor, D10 and D11 split the community using I-66 near (Manassas/Haymarket/Centerville/Fairfax) apart.
Anthony Cimino-Johnson
As a proud LEESBURG resident, I am INCREDIBLY disappointed to see that we are being placed in District 6. THIS MOVE will NOT align with the values of Leesburg. We are NOT a rural community, a part of the Shenandoah Valley. Our politics far more align with District 10. FIX THIS.
Lynnette Godfrey
I live in Loudoun County and want my vote to count there. Leave Leesburg out of election politics.
Amelia Harris
Leesburg is a part of NoVA and not a part of the rural Shenandoah Valley. This is an attempt at gerrymandering that should not be legal or considered. This is an attempt to disenfranchise the voters of Leesburg by lumping them into an area that ideologically, culturally and socially are different and drowning out their voices. This is not fair.
Steven R Cook
Leesburg should not be in 6, makes no sense. This is not a rural area any more. We are far more aligned with Ashburn socially than the rural west. Not helpful at all.
Lesley Boger
Absolutely not - Leesburg has little to nothing in common with Shenandoah Valley. Leesburg is part of NOVA with the same concerns as eastern Loudoun County. Removing Leesburg from the 10th will effectively silence the voters in Leesburg.
Lesley Boger
Leesburg does not belong in the 6th district. While Leesburg is the last sizeable town before you enter into rural western Loudoun County, it is not rural. Many work in Fairfax County or DC, and people in Leesburg share the same concerns as those in the rest of NOVA. Putting Leesburg into the 6th district, a district so far removed from NOVA, will effectively silence the voters in Leesburg. The concerns of people living throughout the Shenandoah Valley are just not similar to people living in NOVA.
Tamara Johnson
I do not support redistricting Leesburg into the 6th district. Leesburg is absolutely an extension of Northern Virginia and being made even more so given the current development. The interest of the constituents in this area have shifted and are certainly more aligned with NOVA than the Shenandoah region.
Neil Steinberg
While Leesburg may be considered the gateway to rural western Loudoun and the Shenandoah Valley, that's where any political similarities end. Leesburg is no longer a sleepy little town, but is one of the economic engines of Northern Virginia, and its interests are certainly more closely aligned with its neighbors to the east.
Philip T Marshall
It is unfair and unwise to use Leesburg as an olive branch to placate any party whos sole purpose is to dilute any other party's base. please reconsider.
Jamie Boyd
Leesburg should absolutely be kept with the 10th. We are clearly an extension of NOVA and and have significantly more in common with that part of the state than the Shenandoah region.
Todd Cimino-Johnson
Leesburg should not be included with even more Shenandoah Valley than it is now. The culture and needs of the constituents in Leesburg is similar to Sterling and not Winchester. Please consider moving Leesburg with other Loudoun/Fairfax areas.
Nicholas Gothard
Leesburg should NOT be included in the 6th district. The citizens of Leesburg have far more in common with the rest of the eastern portion of Loudoun than they do with the Shenandoah Valley.
Leslie Rubio
I'm disappointed in the redrawing of the 7th district. I once lived in this wasn't drawn fairly then, and it isn't now. Gutting the 7th and absorbing 3 congressional districts isn't proportional. This newly drawn district is newly gerrymandered to exclude Chesterfield and Henrico. Go back to the drawing table and get it right!
Ethan Ableman
To the commenters: I agree that Leesburg should not be in 6, but FYI this is the proposal from the *Democratic* map drawers.
Grayson Horner
This map seems to handle Central Virginia very well, but not Northern Virginia at all. I think if you fix Leesburg, and keep Central Virginia, this map could be perfect.
Amy Bauer
I live in Loudoun County with family in the Shenandoah Valley. Leesburg issues have virtually nothing in common with Valley issues, and Leesburg should not be detached from Eastern Loudoun where it belongs.
THAYANNA T Delpesche
In no way is it acceptable to move Leesburg from the 10th to the 6th. This a GOP measure when things don go our way lets shuffle the deck. This should not happen. We are part of Loudoun county.
Shelley F Tamres
Why on earth has Leesburg been split off from Eastern Loudoun County? Leesburg is NOT rural.
Constance Rice
Leesburg has more in common with eastern Loudoun than The rural west. I think it should stay part of the 10th district.
Nicole Lee
Yet again, another play by the GOP to hurt Leesburg - in NO WAY would it be acceptable to move Leesburg from the 10th to the 6th, Loudoun should stay with Loudoun. This entire process is proving that this amendment should never have been passed in the first place, and we should have gone with an out of state 3rd party company. How dare you try to take our town out of Loudoun, and in doing so take away our fairly elected officials.
Ethan Ableman
The main problem, as the commissioners are citing, is the split of PWC and the fact that southern PWC gets lumped in with the eastern shore. But with this excellent configuration of the 7th, this might be unavoidable. There is too much population in NoVA to put it all into 3 districts. So some of it will need to go in either 6 or 1.
Ethan Ableman
The main problem with this map is the ugly PWC split and the district 1 finger going in. But with this excellent configuration of the 7th, I think it may be unavoidable. You have too much population in NoVA to put all of it in 3 districts. So some of NoVA will need to go to in either 1 or 6. If not southern PWC, it would be another portion.