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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
David Hechtman
This plan splits Fairfax County's Woodburn precinct (#717) in half and separates our residents from local FCPS schools, our nearest post office, and our member of Congress who has known our neighborhood for decades.
Andy Pineau
This plan removes southern Prince William & Stafford Counties out of exurban DC and into a central Virginia sphere, not in keeping with the transportation, outer suburban interests of its citizens.
Timothy Seltman
I like the map overall and gives a more evenly split based on election results in the past few years. However, the Sudley and Yorkshire districts of Prince William county is not demogrphically known for being part of the City of Manassas and Manassas Part and would be more demographically part of the northern and western parts of Prince William County.
Charles F Stanton
I have no idea what is driving the commission to include the Peninsula in the southside Hampton Roads maps. Hampton and Newport News can anchor a Peninsula based district while Norfolk and VB can anchor one on this side of the HRBT. Accomack to James City County are not communities of interest!
Richard Christian Heiens
Horrible map. Talk about a Democratic gerrymander! Culpeper has nothing in common with Prince William County or Charlottesville. We're simply being used to connect two left-leaning localities in order to draw a map that is guaranteed to elect a Democrat (again). We are not a community of interest with these two counties. And how is this even fair? Democrats would usually win 7 out of Virginia's 11 districts under this map. How on earth can we call a map "fair" if it gives one party 63% of the entire state's congressional seats?
Matt Rowe
Seems a little off to have Amherst, Nelson, and Albemarle in 3 different districts. Maybe put Nelson in CD6 and move parts of Bedford into CD5?
Robert Kelly
This map places Powhatan County, which is effectively an outer suburb of RVA, into the 5th District containing very rural counties. The needs of Powhatan County are very different from those rural counties still suffering economic recession. We are part of a booming economy in the Greater Richmond Region and our primary concern is containing, not increasing, growth.