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Chase Tuck's Congressional Plan Two Revised
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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
John Hopkins
Floyd and Carroll counties, and Galax, are separated from the Southside by the terrain. They logically belong in the 9th CD. Their commerce and social activity are with points west and north, not the east.
Theodore Bloechle
Lots to like about this map, but I do have to quibble with breaking Tyson's Corner in half and separating it from the Dulles Technology Corridor, which this map otherwise keeps in the same district. Would recommend shifting 10/11 border east of I-495 to just north of Pimmit Hills. Perhaps make up for this by shifting 8 further south and yielding Centreville to 11. I feel that Centreville has more in common with Fairfax City and Manassas than with the newer communities along the Dulles Access Road.
Chris Bender
This map is definitely better than the commission proposed one. The only suggestion I would make is shifting the 11th district a little east to cover more of the minority-majority portions of Woodbridge (in Prince William), and placing the upper/western parts of Prince William into the 1st district since it is more rural and shares closer interests.
Timothy Baird
For CD 7, there is good and bad here. The good is the general idea of a compact district that straddles I-64 west and includes the Western and Southwestern suburbs as a unit. The bad is dividing up Chesterfield into 3 districts, which is unnecessary and undesirable for Chesterfield County residents. I suspect denizens of Woodlake and Brandermill and the developments near Pocahontas State Park--Richmond suburbs built over 30 years ago--would strenuously object to be included in a Southside district. I would have no issue splitting Chesterfield between proposed CD 7 and CD 4, and adjusting as needed by dropping Amherst, Buckingham and/or Cumberland from CD 7 into CD 5, dropping portions portions of Hanover from CD 7 into CD 1, and/or dropping one or more NC border counties from CD 4 into CD 5.
Chase Tuck
I know this map Rep. Cline would be in the 7th district under my map and I know, judging from the General Assembly redistricting, how much the commission loves to protect incumbents, but I could not bring myself to include Amherst in the 6th, which would cross over the mountains for a political purpose. If the commission wants to add Amherst into the 6th and add Orange or Greene county into the 7th to balance things out, they can. I just could not bring myself include Amherst into a district that would be unrelated to it.
Peggy Layne
There is a lot to like about this version of the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 9th districts, but Floyd and Carroll County and Galax belong in the 9th district. They are southwest Virginia communities and have nothing in common with the southside counties across the mountains.