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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Matthew Savage
Why is Marshall a split precinct? Makes no sense.
Timothy Baird
Breaking Chesterfield, which has a third of the population of Fairfax (only other county broken into 3 pieces), is not a districting solution. The Chesterfield boundary between CD 5 and CD 4 should be along one of the major thoroughfares, either the Powhite or Hull Street. The Henrico boundary between those districts should probably be Brook Road. To counterbalance, adjust as needed on the line in the Southern portion of Chesterfield County near Dinwiddie and Amelia. The Hampton Roads districts clearly fail compactness, but I will leave it to HR residents to comment.
Peggy Layne
This version of the 9th district makes much sense by keeping the eastern border following the Blue Ridge, however instead of including Alleghany County it would make more sense to include southern Botetourt County. Communities in southern Botetourt are closely related to Roanoke.