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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Kripa Patwardhan
I really don't like that my part of Herndon has been separated from Reston and Herndon-proper. I identify much more with that area than I do with Chantilly, etc. This map fails to reflect the fact that my neighborhood is part and parcel of the silver line corridor.
David Evans
This proposal includes considerable parts of South Arlington in a District heavily dominated by Alexandria. I would hope the boundaries could be redrawn to include that part of Arlington in an Arlington District.
Giselle Caruso
I urge the Virginia Redistricting Commission to avoid including Fairfax County in districts that are primarily Alexandria districts. Instead, include Arlington County areas to “fill out” an Alexandria districts. There are a few reasons to take this approach: First, Alexandria and Arlington have recently worked closely on the Crystal City (Arlington County)/Potomac Yard (Alexandria) “National Landing” area where the Amazon Headquarters 2 and the new Virginia Tech Innovation Campus will be. The relationship between the two jurisdictions over this geographic area will continue for many years to come. The second reason is population size. Alexandria has a population of 159,467 and Arlington’s is 238,643. Fairfax at 1,145,670 is so much larger than either Alexandria of Arlington. Fairfax County’s challenges are more numerous and more complex. A senator who represents both Alexandria and Fairfax County will likely have to spend a lot of time on Fairfax County issues although she/he represents only a very small part of the county's residents. Make the combination Alexandria-Arlington County, not Alexandria-Fairfax County. Finally, under no circumstances should a senator have represent constituents in Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax County. That senator will have to split her or his time too many ways if she or he has to work with those three local governments’ legislative agendas.
Matthew Savage
Greater Falls Church should be kept in the same district as the City of Falls Church. The Marshall and Shrevewood precincts of Fairfax County should be included in District 3. Residents of these two precincts are tied more closely to Falls Church and Merrifield than we are to Tysons and McLean.
Jason V. Morgan
I had proposed incorporating Eastern Vienna into a community of interest with Dunn Loring and Northern Merrifield. That being said, using the Town of Vienna as a boundary between districts 6 and 7 make sense as well.
Jason V. Morgan
I think that the Dunn Loring and Northern Merrifield regions should be within one district. That is, Route 29 or something father south, rather than I-66, should serve as the southern border for district 6 here.