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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Joel Galloway
I apologize, I didn't realize this was the map that Dave Wasserman stated was the D gerrymander so please ignore my previous comments. I didn't realize that district 1 was drawn to favor Democrats as well. I agree, it should be a 7-4 map at most (with one tossup and 1 lean dem, 4 solid republican, and 5 solid Dem).
Theodore Bloechle
While I appreciate that this map keeps Tyson's Corner mostly intact, I strongly feel that it fits more neatly into a district containing the rest of the Dulles Technology Corridor out to Ashburn, rather than with the lower density community in southwest Fairfax. Also, I'll note that the precinct covering the area around the McLean metro station more rightly belongs with Tyson's Corner than with McLean or Pimmit Hills since this is a high density area centered on the Capital One headquarters, unlike the lower density residential areas beyond there.
Ankit Jain
I'm a Democrat, but I need to lift up Jared Roberts' comment that this is literally a copy of a map Dave Wasserman said would be Democrats' dream map. It may be compact, but it gives Democrats the real chance to win 8 of 11 seats (72%) in a state where their seat share is only about 54%. That violates the Commission's legally mandated partisan fairness requirement
Joe Szymanski
I really don't like the part of PWC that's put into the first. Thats the heavily democratic, heavily minority part of the county. I don't think that part belongs with a district that includes Spotsy and Hannover. It should be in a growing minoirty opportunity district in the 11th
Charles F Stanton
Splitting Norfolk again and sending her to the Peninsula for what, putting Luria and Scott in the same district? Pathetic!
Jared Roberts
This map is not fair at all. Instead, this map is a Democratic gerrymander that came from Dave Wasserman.