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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Lisa Cavalieri
On behalf of the entirety of Campbell County stop giving us Bob Bad and give us Ben Cline!!
Jeffrey Eubanks
I cannot fathom why people redistrict suburbs out of the city. Stop the gerrymandering and consider putting our officials where they will represent our communities. I do not even know what a Goochland is.
John Britsol
Campbell is a suburb of Lynchburg and is made up of the same community. We have been separated by congressional district for years. We've been wanting this change! MAKE IT HAPPEN!!
Bob Jacobs
Goochland is a different community now than it was 30 years ago. Putting my Congressmember in Southside will not be representative of the issues we face with the rising expansion of Richmond. Give us a district that represents us!
Morris Bristow
While Virginia's more dense metro areas aren't in the western part of the state, and I can understand how that can present a headache for the redistricting commission, some of these metros don't have all that much in common aside from being college towns. That said, lumping UVA and Liberty, along with their associated surrounding communities seems extremely off. The fact that they were separated between the previous 5th and 6th districts is may be the only redeeming quality of the former's shape. Charlottesville doesn't belong with the Southside or the Shenandoah Valley; it's more like a mixture of Northern Virginia and Richmond than any of the other surrounding metro areas. Conveniently, this map also shows the proposals for the 3rd and 4th district (which I've commented on already on other proposals). This map highlights the fact that Virginia has, historically, been subpar at representing it's communities in either a concise or competitive way. These maps glue the larger metros outside of Northern Virginia together, forcing them to compete unnecessarily and illogically, instead of allowing them to have two of their own representatives each (note: Northern Virginia still gets three) while haphazardly squashing representation for any smaller metro east of Roanoke and painting the word "afterthought" over the rest of the state north of the York River and south and west of Prince William County. If we really want to change how we choose our representatives, which passing the Constitutional Amendment to create this commission in the first place seems indicative of, then we shouldn't be clinging to, or starting from, the old maps in any way.
Peggy Layne
Franklin County has little in common with the Shenandoah Valley and would be better in a southside district. Same for Bedford County and the city of Lynchburg.
Jonathan P Aden
Why is Albemarle County included in the 6th District? It should go in the 5th, which should take in more counties to the west of the 5th's boundaries show on here, such as Nelson and Amherst. This would allow the 5th to lose some of the suburbs of Richmond, which should go in the 7th. The 6th should extend northwards to take in the Shenandoah Valley, as it does on the current congressional maps. The Valley shouldn't be split, as it would be on this map.
Sam Shirazi
It is pretty obvious that 7th District will stretch from Winchester to Richmond suburbs, which makes no sense. Please go back to the drawing boards. Sixth should stretch to Winchester.
Joel Galloway
I have mentioned this on other maps, but I keep mentioning this because it is important. The commission needs to find a way to make district 4's black population greater than 38%. You should aim for greater than 40%. You can do this by adding Brunswick and removing white majority precincts in Richmond. This would then allow you the create another Chesterfield, Richmond, Henrico seat without splitting the Richmond area three ways.
Zederino de la Francios
To make 4 Majority Black we should add some of the Black areas in this region
Zederino de la Francios
I feel like we need an Asian Majority District once we get here, its kind of important for a growing community here
Andy Smith
As a Chesterfield resident, we don't have anything in common with the left 3/4 of this 5th district. It would be way more logical to put us with Richmond and/or Henrico. This map clearly gerrymanders the Richmond area by splitting it into 3 separate districts and dilutes our voting power. Maybe move 6 into the left side of 5 and move 5 up into Henrico and through Charlottesville/Albemarle.
Joel Galloway
Chesterfield should be added with Henrico. It makes no sense to put with these other counties.
Paul Reeder
Once again, Charlottesville/Albemarle is drawn with areas with which it has little to nothing in common. Can we not have a map that looks more like the C'ville MSA?
Kevin Neilson-Hall
Goochland has no business in a district with Martinsville. Who does this serve?
Will Granger
In what world is Charlottesville in this 6th district? Charlottesville is nothing like the rest of this district. Combine it with Richmond western suburbs, with Virginia Tech & Blacksburg, or link it to Manassas area, where it can get representation that fits it, not as wasted votes in a Republican seat.
Eric Lopez
District 3 should NOT stretch all the way to Franklin. The needs of the people that live here are VERY different than those who live in Newport News, Portsmouth and Norfolk
Max Stevenson
It's wrong to crack Chesterfield and Henrico like this instead of creating one unified suburban Richmond district
Mike Fox
Central Virginia communities such as Albemarle, Charlottesville and Nelson shouldn't be grouped with Valley communities. Instead, the 6th District should include more Valley communities further north. Albemarle-Charlottesville could be grouped into the current 7th District for more cohesiveness.
Sam Shirazi
Charlottesville and Albermarle should not be part of this district. Instead, the Sixth District should go "down the valley," all the way to Winchester. In other words, the Shenandoah Valley should not be split into two districts. Several commentators during the public hearings mentioned that Charlottesville and Albermarle have more in common with Central Virginia as opposed to over the Blue Ridge Mountains with Augusta County.
Sam Shirazi
I do not believe that District 4 has a sufficient African-American population, and it is possible to draw it in a better way. It should include Brunswick County to increase its African-American population. District 3 does not need to stretch into Suffolk and Franklin, and it is possible for that district to have sufficient African-American population based just on Newport News, Hampton, Norfolk, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. The map I submitted Map # 221 was does this.