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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Joel Galloway
I want to point out that Timothy's comment would be correct in general; however, Virginia has large black populations in rural areas and in order to ensure their representation, you need to include the rural and urban communities together. This is mandated by the Supreme Court decision a couple years ago, and it is the law. So his comment is incorrect for Virginia. My only point for this map is you should aim for 40% black population in VRA districts to ensure this. It would be good to have eastern Richmond, eastern Henrico, and Eastern Chesterfield with rural counties with large black populations to do this.
Jerrell Saleeby
Franklin County is NOT a part of Southwest Virginia!
Timothy Baird
Adding Chesterfield, Eastern Henrico, and Petersburg to rural Southside Counties while excluding their urban and suburban neighbors with whom they share a community of interest is an example of how NOT to do redistricting. Urban areas should be kept together as communities of interest. While you might need to divide up urban areas into two different Congressional districts, you should only do so if you use a rational dividing line, such as City/County boundaries or a river or other body of water. Here, the portions of Richmond, Chesterfield, and Powhatan south of the River should be included in the same Congressional district. You can also make an argument for including Goochland, Amelia and maybe Nottoway as a comparable exurban communities. Counties further to the South and East should be excluded, as they do not share any community of interest with the Richmond metro area. Those counties should be combined with other rural Southside counties to the West and to the East (until you reach the suburban Cities and Counties of Hampton Roads).