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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Rick Williams
I was laughing at the way the Tidewater area was completely screwed up in this map, esp. CD2. In order to get from one part of CD1 on the Eastern Shore one has to cross the CBBT and then drive into CD3 to cross the HRBT and drive into CD4 to get back to the other half of CD2. It's either that or take a boat across the bay from the Eastern Shore to the western half of the district or vise versa to get to the Eastern Shore. A very badly drawn district. Moreover, it splits Va. Beach into Northern and Southern halves. Similar things are done to Newport News and Hampton on the Peninsula. On the whole, this map is very badly drawn with regards to the Tidewater area, with the splitting of communities and the disregarding of commonalties of interests. This is a very badly drawn map.
Joel Galloway
Again, Timothy, your comment is incorrect. It would be illegal to group the urban RVA counties together because you need to have 2 VRA districts with black populations above 40%. You need to include rural counties with large counties to do this. Please look into the Supreme Court decision from 2017 regarding this. It's the law.
Jerry Saleeby
Franklin County is NOT a part of Southwest Virginia!
Timothy Baird
Adding Chesterfield to rural Southside Counties while excluding their urban and suburban neighbors with whom they share a community of interest is an example of how NOT to do redistricting. Urban areas should be kept together as communities of interest. The vast majority of residents in Chesterfield, including my community of Bon Air, work, play, and seek health care in the City of Richmond and in Western Henrico (across the Huguenot Bridge). Richmond mass transit goes all the way out to Bon Air and Midlothian and to Western Henrico. Correspondingly, suburban Chesterfield (and Powhatan for that matter) do not share the same concerns and interests as citizens in the Southside counties included in CD 5 on this map. Those counties should be combined with other rural Southside counties to the West and to the East (until you reach the suburban Cities and Counties of Hampton Roads).
Charles F Stanton
This congressional map is horrific. The 2nd CD must be the Shore, VB and Norfolk. Get if off the Peninsula and make that the core of the 3rd CD.