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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Justin E Smith
Please don't put any part of Chesterfield County in with Richmond City. The interests of the city vs the county are not aligned. Richmond could easily be its own district without including the county.
Brian Murphy
Nokesville should be in the same district as Bristow. It shares the county boundary with Dale City but not much else. These two communities of interest abut each other for a great deal of their borders.
Andrew Pullen
I am concerned that communities of similarity are not being considered with the eastern part of Fluvanna. Currently, our house district is divided by James Madison Highway and that works well. Much of the eastern half of Fluvanna is more associated with Louisa and Goochland, we share post offices in Kents Store and Columbia, we often share emergency services, we frequent Zions Crossroads, Louisa and Goochland Courthouse because they are much closer than Charlottesville or even western Fluvanna. I know that the commission does not want to divide counties, but this is one of the several cases that I see on the map that I believe would make good sense and be more representative of my community. Thank you.
Carolyn Caywood
This is not bad, but Districts 20. 21. 22, and 23 vary in population from 215,249 to 224,437. The smallest, 20, is 51% Black and the largest, 23, is 54% White. I think a little tweaking of the lines where these four districts come close to each other could equalize populations while preserving the Black majority district.
Jonathon Wright
As I have mentioned in previous versions, Virginia Code states that a district need to be contiguous without using a body of water to do so. I would encourage the map drawers to reconfigure SD-26 and SD-28 to include more of Shockoe in SD-26 in order to provide transportation access (Mayo Bridge, I-95, or one further upstream) from the East End to the remainder of the district. To correct population deviation, move portions of Chesterfield or portions of Richmond north of Midlothian turnpike in to SD-28.
Sam Shirazi
This district really should be Roanoke, Blacksburg, and Radford. The way it is currently drawn it includes unrelated rural and urban communities.
Benjamin Litchfield
This looks good. It reflects that Stafford-Fredericksburg-Spotsylvania are a community of interest with the same cultural and economic ties. That said, I would argue that more of Spotsylvania should be included in this map. Salem District, which is bordered by Gordon Road, Smith Station Road, Old Leavells Road/Leavells Road, Harrison Road, and Route 3 is part of that same community of interest. Its residents work, shop, and worship primarily in Fredericksburg City. I've attached a map of the district for your convenience.
Fran Larkins
Looking good for Stafford County and Fredericksburg but please include a little bit more in northern Spotsylvania - at least past the mall on Route 3 - perhaps to Salem Church Rd.?