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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Gregory Coleman
Districts to the west of Charlottesville and Lynchburg, 19, 20, 25 are not compact. This entire area needs to be done over.
Judith Brown
Your map shows the word "Portsmouth" crossing the Southern Branch (of the Elizabeth River). That's incorrect -- the neighborhoods of Campostella, Berkley, Diggs Park and Oakleaf Park are part of Norfolk.
Derek Ungerecht
This little offshoot of 80 going up River Shore Dr. doesn't make much sense. It should be moved over to 79.
Derek Ungerecht
In what world does cutting this small section of Western Branch out and moving it over to 76 (Suffolk) make sense? Geographically there is an Interstate the separates it. It should be part of 79.
Andrew Stegmaier
I don't like how the existing district map divides the Fan and Museum District neighborhoods in Richmond between three legislative districts (71, 68, and 69). Those neighborhoods feel like one community to me, and it would be great to have a single representative to listen to our concerns. It looks like most of the new proposals involve putting these neighborhoods into a single district - so hopefully that will stick.
Ray Roakes II
The 22nd, Lynchburg City should not be in the same district as Patrick County.
Michael L Tabony
Please start over. Districts 20 is particularly weird. Western Nelson County and Waynesboro are bedroom communities for Charlottesville and have little to no reason to be included with that narrow connection to Highland County. Highland and Bath counties should be together. Districts 19, 22, and 23 also need to be completely re-drawn for community continuity. Splitting the Lynchburg community into three (OR FOUR!!) districts seems to be some real overkill. Also splitting the Charlottesville suburbs into four districts is well over the top. When you redraw try to better meet the targeted population of the districts. Some are way off (district 87).
Brittany Rose
By carving out a small physical portion of Henrico County and placing it in HD56 with Louisa County and parts of Goochland and Spotsylvania counties, Henrico residents in HD56 are being separated from their community of shared interest with the rest of the county. This area of Henrico County is fully suburban and experiencing a great amount of growth and development. In particular, the portion of Henrico in HD56 more closely resembles the areas of Henrico in HD72 and HD73 than the other counties in HD56. To pair this section of Henrico with largely rural counties doesn’t make sense – the needs and legislative priorities vary widely across the current district. There is also a significant amount of racial diversity and residents with countries of origin outside of the US in the HD56 portion of Henrico. For example, 22% of the population of the Three Chopt magisterial district - of which most of the HD56 Henrico precincts are a part - is Asian ( By comparison, Louisa County’s population is only 1% Asian ( while Goochland County as a whole is at 1% and Spotsylvania County at a whole is at 2%. Overall, in the Three Chopt magisterial district 37% of residents are non-white compared to 22% non-white residents in Louisa and Goochland. This is another way in which the portion of Henrico included in HD56 differs from the rest of the district – communities of interest have been split up with the current boundaries. Please reunite the Henrico portion of HD56 with shared communities of interest within Henrico County.
However the Lynchburg district is drawn, it should be noted the growth of the city and surrounding areas demonstrates more similarities (cultural, economic, and so on) growing towards Forest, not in the current forms of including Madison Heights. Lynchburg's population is not enough for a stand-alone seat, so other areas will need to be included. The increasing divide between Madison Heights/"across the river" and the rest of the city is indicative of the community of interest being more compacted towards the south and west, not north and east, especially with the growth in the Timberlake and Forest areas.
James Nicol
The city of Lynchburg is split between the 22nd and 23rd districts. The 22nd is so obviously gerrymandered, including the western portion of Lynchburg and curling around Liberty University, only connecting to the rest of the district through the strip of land that includes the airport. Curious why Downtown Lynchburg would share a district with rural Southern Bedford County, but not the suburbs of the Northern and western parts of the city of Lynchburg?
Judith Castleman
Having just moved from the Wyndham area, it seems more logical to put that section in the 72nd district than the 56th. It is more suburban than the rest of the district, therefore not like minded.
Jason V. Morgan
The Eastern Vienna / Dunn Loring / Northern Merrifield Community of Interest is currently split between District 35 and District 53. I would suggest expanding District 35 into this region.