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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Jack Kiraly
This is another flavor of the problem with the current map in this area. The delegate district that covers most of Old Town Alexandria should not cross over into Fairfax County. Belleview is currently in the 45th district. This new district shifts it over a few precincts so that a new crop of people's (mostly minorities) can have their political power overshadowed by the City of Alexandria. Please consider City/County boundaries better in the final map.
Jack Kiraly
You split up the Town of Herndon! The community in Herndon is diverse, robust and tightly knit. Splitting them up to reduce their political power is a very, very bad gerrymander.
Tad Miller
You pretty much sliced up Albemarle-Charlottesville like a pizza. Splitting this area 4 ways is a pretty blatant Gerrymander meant to crack this areas voters apart.
Jordan Labiosa
I was honored that Craig County was the #1 voting locality (81.7%) for the formation of the Redistricting Commission. In part, this was because Craig County is currently represented in the Virginia Senate by a Senator in Lynchburg. Though Senator Newman has done a fine job of representing our values, it is easy to see that Craig County is culturally and geographically different than Lynchburg and interested in different priorities. It is my assessment that Craig County should be in a Roanoke-based House of Delegate's district to maintain our community of interest. Craig County is in the Roanoke Metropolitan Region with a Roanoke-centric population base. A vast majority of our workforce travels to Roanoke County every day for employment utilizing Craig County's primary road, Rt 311, for travel. Rt. 311 is also a road maintained out of the Roanoke-based VDOT Salem residency. Craig County has just one small grocery store and most households rely on Salem/Roanoke as the closest source of broader options and prices. The largest industry in Craig County, a sand mining plant, relies on roads in the Catawba Valley to reach the Roanoke Cement Co. If you dial 911 in Craig County and need transportation to a hospital, the odds are more than 85% in favor of you being transported to a Roanoke-based hospital. Craig County law enforcement is trained at Cardinal Justice Academy in Salem and our allotment of State Troopers serves out of the Area 40 Office (Roanoke and Craig Counties). Our namesake, Robert Craig, was a Roanoke-based delegate. To remove Craig County from a Roanoke-based district would ignore substantial precedent in the fact that Craig County has never been paired within a district which does not include a majority in Roanoke County or Botetourt. Removing Craig County's Roanoke-based representation in the House of Delegates serves only to detach our interests from representation in Richmond.
Benjamin Litchfield
The way this map chops up Stafford County is nonsensical. We would be part of 5 separate House Districts including a district shared with the Northern Neck.
Daniel Eisert
Ashburn is split up too much. Ashburn Village is in two different districts??? Keep communities together
Carol Catron
I agree 100% with the comments of Tim Baird. Bon Air is just barely outside of the Richmond City limits, and we residents of Bon Air often shop, work, dine, and visit places such as The Virginia Museum that are in Richmond or are in Henrico. I do not believe that any of us dine/shop/work/seek entertainment in Powhatan. I personally only drive through Powhatan maybe once a year on the way to parts of Virginia further west. Bon Air residents and Powhatan do NOT share the same interests and pressing community issues.
Candace Butler
District 7 of the Virginia Counts Coalition State House Map divides Annandale unnecessarily from north to south right through Annandale Center. This doesn't make sense for the people living in this area. It would be helpful if the map drawers had provided a document explaining the rationale for their approach to this statewide map.
Peggy Layne
Sorry, but this map illustrates a complete lack of familiarity with southwest Virginia. Grouping the university community of Blacksburg (Virginia Tech) with the rural counties to the west and north and the university community of Radford (Radford University) with rural Pulaski County and Christiansburg makes no sense. It would be better to put Blacksburg, Radford, and Christiansburg together as they share economic and cultural interests, with nearby rural counties in different districts.
Jerry Saleeby
Stretches too far west from Franklin County. Those counties to the west have little in common with Franklin County and the mountains serve as a barrier.
Jerry Saleeby
Any map that includes Franklin County with Carroll County stretches too far and goes outside communities of interest. Franklin County residents generally look north, south or east. Other than those in sparsley population western Franklin, few residents of the county intersect with either Floyd, Patrick, and certainly not Carroll.
Tim Baird
Under this plan, HD 64 would include all of Powhatan and the portion of North Chesterfield that includes Bon Air and Midlothian. Bon Air is a suburban community that borders directly on the City of Richmond and shares a community of interest with the Western portions of Richmond and Henrico, as reflected in the jointly proposed Senate Map. Outside of North Chesterfield, Richmond and the West End of Henrico is where Bon Air residents work, shop, and seek entertainment. Public transit lines connect those areas to Bon Air. Bon Air does not share a community of interest with Powhatan, which, as an exurban County, faces many different issues and concerns than those faced by Bon Air residents. As a Bon Air resident who can walk to the Richmond city line from my house in about 5 minutes, I do not support adding North Chesterfield to Powhatan as an appropriate redistricting solution.
Chris DeRosa
Why is the small city of Falls Church fractured and split into two different House districts?
Chris DeRosa
District 5 combines north Arlington with the Pentagon City/Crystal City area - these two areas do not have much in common. Very different communities. North Arlington could pull in neighborhoods from Rt 50 northward.
Chris DeRosa
Unfortunately, this map fractures the Columbia Pike corridor. Several residents asked that their COI be extended north of Columbia Pike up to Rt 50/Arlington Blvd.