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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Aleise M. Matheson
District 16 and 9 are bizarre shapes. Districts 10 and 11 seem to be grouping very rural populations with very suburban populations. While I understand the need to have the districts each cover roughly the same population, it would seem that the residents of Amelia have more in common with Powhatan than either of those residents do with the suburban residents of Midlothian and Midlothian Tpke/Hull Street. At least you aren’t splitting up neighborhoods too badly there, but still, these look like they need more work.
Derek Ungerecht
What do the citizens of Boykins VA and Portsmouth VA have in common? 14 should have North Suffolk and Portsmouth and give the rest of South Hampton county and Isle of Wight to 18.
Tracey Sanford
I don't understand why Green Run and the surrounding neighborhood in the central part of Virginia Beach keeps getting paired with landowners in Sandbridge, the Oceanfront and North End. These neighborhoods share little in common beyond the name. The interests of businesses and homeowners at the oceanfront will likely always outweigh the concerns of the inland communities that share more in common with the eastern portion of the proposed SD7.
Michael L Tabony
I suggest that a rule be established limiting the border lengths of the districts to a certain percentage of the enclosed area. Some of these districts go well beyond reason with their weird shapes and inclusions. I especially like SD 21 which appears to be a WV invasion attempting to surround Roanoke. They have almost succeeded.
Susan A Bivins
District 1 and 3 are blatantly racist. Splitting Williamsburg and James City County apart divides an area with a clear 'community of interest.' Dividing Newport News down the axis also divides a clear community of interest. Half of Kiln Creek is in a different district.
Brittany Rose
It doesn't make sense to me that western Henrico County is included in SD12 with part of Hanover County while the rest of Henrico County is included in SD09. All of Henrico County should be included in one Senate district.
Jonathon Wright
Looking forward to the September 20th release of new SD draft districts to correct the current 10th district from pairing rural Powhatan County with selective and dissimilar demographic portions of the City of Richmond and Chesterfield County.
James Nicol
City of Lynchburg split. Downtown and northern suburbs are included in the the 22nd district that extends nearly to Richmond. The only thing that Lynchburg has in common with the eastern edge of the district is the proximity to the James River, this district hasn't made sense since the James River canal ceased existence in the 1800s. The south western portion of the city of Lynchburg is in the 23rd district, a district that crosses over the blue ridge mountains and extends all the way to north of blacksburg and the West Virginia border. Lynchburg's representation is so diluted; it is represented by delegates that also serve the Richmond suburbs and the rural western part of the state.
Judith Castleman
Why in the world is Scotts Addition in District 10? It is nowhere near adjacent to the rest of the district, unless you are just trying to add white people.
Jason V. Morgan
District 37 appears to be the most blatantly Gerrymandered Senatorial district in Fairfax County. There seems to be no reason for one Senator to be representing constituents that are so geographically all over the place.
Jason V. Morgan
Districts 34 and 35 split the Eastern Vienna / Dunn Loring / Northern Merrifield Community of Interest in this region. I suggest expanding District 34 into this region.
Jason V. Morgan
Districts 32 and 34 currently split the Eastern Vienna / Dunn Loring / Northern Merrifield Community of Interest in this region. The border here seems very odd, with no obvious grounding such as political or geographic boundaries. I would suggest having this region absorbed into District 34.