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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
David Hechtman
This map is bonkers - splitting Merrifield across 4 House districts. It also splits Fairfax County's Woodburn precinct (#717) in half.
Tina Pruett
Please keep Spotsylvania County with Fredericksburg. The northern part of Spotsylvania County does NOT align with Caroline County in any regional concerns.
Pete Costigan
I made most of the following remarks on HOD map B6 during the October 6th virtual meeting which covered the Commonwealth’s central district. Good afternoon Commissioners, My name is Pete Costigan and I live in Ruckersville in Greene County. I’d like to comment as a private citizen briefly on SD maps A4 and B5 and not so briefly on HOD map B6. Regarding Senate maps A4 and B5, I support entirely the recommendation made today by Greene County resident, Mark Heinicke. Mark recommends that the Commission replace Buckingham County with Greene County in the senate district 31 map. Regarding HOD map B6, I’d like to propose that the northeast corner of Augusta County be swapped out of HOD district 81 and replaced by Greene County. Since that northeast portion of Augusta County borders Rockingham County, I believe it makes more sense to attach that portion of Augusta to Rockingham County as part of HOD district 69. Here are my four reasons for making this proposal. First, HOD map B6 currently includes all of Greene County, much of Rockingham County and part of Page County in district 69. The bulk of the proposed district’s land is in Rockingham and Page Counties, both of which are separated from Greene by the Blue Ridge Mountains. I object to this grouping for the same reasons the Commission has heard many other residents of counties on both sides of the Blue Ridge object to being grouped with residents in counties on the mountain’s opposite side. Greene County residents have more common interests with Albemarle County than they have with either Page or Rockingham. Specifically, Greene County residents regularly drive to Albemarle for shopping and medical care. In addition, every day, many Greene residents drive into Albemarle to their jobs at the National Ground Intelligence Center in northern Albemarle, to State Farm and to various UVa facilities in Albemarle among other employers. In fact, a significant percentage of Greene County’s employed residents work in Albemarle. In contrast, relatively few drive the 30-35 miles west over the Blue Ridge to jobs in Rockingham or Page. Second, Greene is a small county with about 55% of its 20,000 residents living in two of its five voting precincts. Those two precincts – Ruckersville and Midway – are located mostly south, east and west of the intersection of east-west route 33 and north-south route 29. Route 29, a major highway, reaches the Greene/Albemarle border in less than four miles south of this intersection. Third, Greene County, along with Albemarle, are among the counties served by the Thomas Jefferson Planning Commission. Through the Commission’s Legislative Services program, the interests of the region’s localities are represented before the state legislature and other state policymakers. Much of this effort occurs at the General Assembly during the January-March session each year. Augusta County is not served by the Thomas Jefferson Planning Commission. Augusta County is served by the same planning district that serves Rockingham County. Fourth. Like Rockingham and Page Counties, all of Augusta County is on the western side of the Blue Ridge and on the opposite side from Greene and Albemarle. As always, I thank you for considering my proposal and for the difficult but important work you are doing. Pete Costigan Ruckersville, Va, 22968 434-466-2384
Christopher B. Seaman
I am a Professor of Law at Washington and Lee University, where I teach Election Law. As an election law scholar and a citizen of Albemarle County, I urge the Commission to keep in mind that Albemarle/Charlottesville is a community of interest and should be maintained as such. While this plan is much better than the Republican advisors' plan, which dilutes our voice in the House of Delegates by fragmenting Albemarle County into 3 districts, this plan could be improved by redrawing HD-81 to include the rest of Albemarle County that is not included in HD-80 with Nelson County, with whom we share common interests, including shared media markets, economic interests (including agriculture and tourism), and commuting patterns.
Heywood Greenberg
Nelson County has a much greater community of interest with southern Albemarle and Charlottesville than it does with communities far to the east. More than half the county's workforce commutes to the greater Charlottesville area, and the Thomas Jefferson Planning District and Blue Ridge Health District, based in Charlottesville, include Nelson County. Many Nelson County people shop in Charlottesville and receive media (tv, radio, newspapers) from Charlottesville.
Peggy Layne
Again, thanks for keeping Blacksburg whole and combining it with Radford. The university communities have much in common, including shopping and cultural interests as well as employment. It makes no sense to include rural Giles County in this district. It would be better to group Christiansburg and some of the precincts adjacent to Blacksburg town limits into the district with Blacksburg and Radford. Ideally it would be great to have Montgomery County only split between two districts rather than three.
Shannon Hurley
In this, as in so many proposals, District 71 comes down like a fist to absorb part of Virginia Beach. This area of Virginia Beach is completely suburban area. The Eastern Shore, which would comprise the rest of District 71, is rural and semi-rural. The two parts have few concerns in common. Inevitably, the delegate would have to choose which constituents to support and which to ignore. Instead, the Eastern Shore should be expanded be expanding the district to the west, across the Chesapeake Bay, which historically unites the communities on either side.
Henry D. McHenry Jr
I agree that Albemarle should be in only 2 Districts, one comprising Charlottesville and some portion of Albemarle. These are not only contiguous but share much of the same infrastructure. The second District could be the rest of Albemarle plus Nelson County. Though the mountains no longer define "communities of interest," we are supposed to be preventing dilution of representation. Thus much depends on how we decide what the common interests of a community are.
Michael Asip
I do not favor splitting Powhatan County but do support efforts to make the HOD district more competitive, looking eastward toward our economic region.
Gay Donna Vandergriff
I ask that you keep the Glen Allen area with Henrico County rather than drawing it inside of District 56 as shown here. The Democrat maps have removed this area from Henrico County in an obvious, deliberate fashion. The Chickahominy River is used as the County line between Henrico and Hanover. Yet, the Democrat options cross the Chickahominy to include a small Republican leaning area, disassociating that small portion of Henrico from all community connections it currently shares. I live in the Glen Allen Elementary School precinct area and know the communities very well. I ran for the House of Delegates as a Republican from this area in 2019 in what is presently drawn as District 72. It is obvious to me that the Democrat drawings are done to reduce the Republican impact of these two voter precincts in the purple area of Western Henrico.
Michael Morgan
Including Albemarle County with Augusta County is totally contradictory to the idea of fair redistricting. Most Albemarle County residents have little in common with the northern part of Augusta County. A better solution would be to pair Lake Monticello-Fluvanna County with Albemarle County as a contiguous district.
Sandra E. Collins
Nelson County should not be joined in a district with Albemarle County or Charlottesville. We have nothing in common with them or their politics - totally different values.
Sandra E. Collins
Nelson County does not need to be joined in the same district with Albemarle County or Charlottesville. It is a separate entity with separate values.
Sandra E. Collins
Nelson County should not be tied to Albemarle County or Charlottesville. We have nothing to do with them or their politics - we are a separate entity with separate values.
Lauren Boggs Meslar
While this map is preferable to the current A7 alternate, I do think it makes more sense to add Nelson or Greene to Albemarle instead of parts of Augusta County as both Nelson and Greene are part of the same community groups, as seen in our shared health district and library system. That being said, I much appreciate that this map doesn't unnecessarily divide Albemarle into three districts.
Catherine T Miller
we do not need to change our lines, we have nothing in common with Charlottesville or Albemarle County
Kevin wayne miller
Leave our lines where they are. We have nothing in common with Charlottesville or Albemarle County.
Thomas M. Strassburg
According to the Virginia Code, "Districts shall be drawn to preserve communities of interest." I live in an area with rural zoning. While I do not live on a farm, there is one just up the road, and there is a vineyard just beyond that. To lump my area in with the Charlottesville urban ring is just wrong and is inconsistent with the statute I quoted.
Ronald mack
would like for the map to stay as it was.
Susan E. Wurzer
As a resident north and west of the urban ring and Charlottesville, I find I have nothing in common with those areas. Our needs are much more like Greene and other more rural areas and it would be hard for us to be heard if represented more by the urban ring needs than our own. Lumping the rural areas with the urban ring, which are so different does not serve the people well.
Tim Hickey
As a resident of Albemarle County and 2019 candidate for the House of Delegates in the 59th District, I applaud that this map keeps Albemarle County in only 2 Districts. Please keep Albemarle as unified as possible and do not divide us into more than 2 Districts. Some members of this Commission have expressed concern about the way this map draws in some of Augusta County into the District with Albemarle. One compromise that directly addresses this concern would be to remove that portion of Augusta and replace it with Nelson County, our neighbor to the south with whom we share a community of interest. This would be a compact and sensible District. The fracturing of Albemarle County for the past decade by our current political House of Delegates map has sowed confusion among the people of our area, bred apathy, diluted our ability to participate in the political process, and muzzled our voice in state-level government. Consider the current 59th District. It carves out the southern portion of Albemarle, draws in the eastern part of Nelson, and then stretches out to include much of Campbell and all of Appomattox and Buckingham. This District is so gerrymandered that nobody even tried to challenge the incumbent in 2013 or 2015. When I campaigned for Delegate in 2019, many people south of Nelson expressed doubt that we even lived in the same District. Many people in the northern part of the District thought that David Toscano, who represented Charlottesville and the surrounding area at the time, was their Delegate. The map created a deep disconnect between the people and our House of Delegates. Please do not allow this to happen again for the next decade. Instead, please adopt the compromise I have proposed that keeps Albemarle as unified as possible, maintains the community of interest in Albemarle and Nelson County, and directly addresses the concern expressed by members of this Commission about the mountains between Augusta and Albemarle. Thank you.
Cameron Patterson
It is important to keep Prince Edward County together in one district so that we can have one legislative representative who is representing and speaking on behalf of the entire county. This will help to maintain the entire county as a community of interest. As a county with two colleges represented, it will also ensure that those populations are able to stay together in terms of representation. When a locality is split I believe it has the opportunity to hinder the level of attention that might potentially be provided by a legislator towards that localities issues of interest. A united Prince Edward is best for the business and economic interest of the county as well.
Robert Kelly
This map splits Powhatan County between two districts. This hurts Western Powhatan with it's significant African American population. They are placed into District 83 with several Piedmont counties that have little in common with them.
Deborah Mayer
This district divides the community of Western Fairfax (Centreville/Chantilly). Those of us who live here have more in common (transportation/commuting concerns, shopping habits, and school attendance) with the communities on the other side of Stone Road than those in rural Clifton and Fairfax Station. From a community of interest standpoint, map A7 makes more sense.
Kathleen P Utgoff
Move all of Lake Barcroft addresses from District 12 to District including part of Potterton Drive and parts of Patric Henry
Edward Long
In regards to "B6 STATEWIDE HOD" - Making the NE portion of Augusta County part of D81 (Democrat map) is not acceptable. Augusta County has nothing in common with the eastern side of the Blue ridge.
Armand Thieblot
I guess that, with some effort, this interface could be made even more complicated, but that's an open question. To the point, near as I can tell from the map, Schuyler, now in District 77, will be moved to District 81 and thus away from not only the natural county boundary but also into a far less rural district dominated by suburban folks dependent on Charlottesville and UVA. The move will completely subordinate our interests and eliminate any possible influence we might have in any election process. Essentially, it will disenfranchise us completely. The same would be true if, as I have heard but cannot demonstrate from the map, some or all of Nelson County will be appended to Albemarle. If necessary for our population to be combined with there, it should be combined with other rural districts or areas with which we have common aspirations, goals, and ideologies.
Nathan Welz
RE: District 30. Not sure why a district like this is stretched out from south of Rt. 50 to north of Rt. 7. Also there are some weird splits between neighborhoods. I'm specifically wondering about South Riding which is split between districts 26 and 30.
William Brigham Elvgren
Barboursville is a rural, farming community. It needs to be districted together. Our community interests and needs are not compatible with the Albemarle urban ring or large neighborhoods like Forest Lakes.
Jennifer Adeli
District 19 splits the community of interest of Great Falls. All of GF is within one HS pyramid, one BOS magisterial district and this new map would split it. The town strongly identifies as a community of interest with a July 4 parade town Xmas tree lighting, Halloween trick or treating in the town "village", kids sports teams, etc. This is the only map in NOVA that overlaps county lines.
Caleb Quiroga
Western Rockingham has no similarities to Ruckersville/Grottoes. My map is the best option to ensure that communities are best represented.
Caleb Quiroga
Western Rockingham County (Fulks Run/Broadway) has nothing in common with Ruckersville/Grottoes. The best way is to make a Harrisonburg-Broadway-Bridgewater district and then a Ruckersville-Grottoes-Elkton district
linda perriello
No one seems to be concerned that Albemarle county is divided into THREE districts putting parts of it in LYNCHBURG when all people in albemarle are directed to Charlottesville and UVA
Brady Walker
These maps for Danville and Pittsylvania County are better than previous ones. I would recommend district 87 including more areas a little further south like Whitmell and Laurel Grove. Since district 89 runs to the outskirts of Martinsville I would still like to see a district that has Danville and Martinsville in the same district.
Paul Berry
B4 District 13 should include Sideburn Precinct – Ox Road is a major thoroughfare and neighborhoods east of it associate more with Kings Park West. For example, the current map splits the Blue Oaks area, which includes Robinson Secondary School. It should be included wholly in District 13. Similarly, the Middleridge neighborhood east of Ox Road shares more in common with Kings Park West than the sparser neighborhood of Station Hills to the southwest. Adding Sideburn increases the current population to 92,091 however; this increase could be offset by *removing* Hummer precinct, adding it instead to District 6 under this plan. Hummer precinct is east of the 495 “Beltway” and shares little in common with everything west of it. In other words, Hummer precinct is bordered on the west by a multi-lane freeway and shares more social, economic, and civic interests with the Annandale and Holmes Run areas. I’ve attached Current and Proposed changes
Paul Berry
This map divides Reston into three separate HoD districts. Reston is a 60-year-old established community of interest with a distinct racial, economic, social, and civic composition. It is a diverse, rich community that should not be divided to satisfy arbitrary precinct assignments that balance the populations between multiple districts. As Chair of the Fairfax County Redistricting Committee – the body responsible for drawing magisterial districts that take important communities like Reston into account – I am urging you in the strongest terms possible to keep Reston as one unique unit and add in the north and south parts of the community this map shuttles into other districts.
Brittany Rose
My portion of Henrico County is currently a part of HD56 with Louisa County and parts of Goochland and Spotsylvania counties. This area of Henrico is fully suburban and continues to experience significant growth and development. To be in a district with largely rural counties as we are now doesn’t make sense - our proposed inclusion in district 56 as drawn in the B6 maps doesn’t make any more sense. In fact, this map drawer has bundled Henrico with even more rural counties than their last 5 proposals! We would be included in a district with portions of Goochland, Hanover, and Caroline counties (all of which are largely rural). Further, the population in this area of Henrico is made up of 22% Asian residents. The A6 map keeps us in a district entirely composed of Henrico residents with 23% of those residents being Asian (A6 district 70). This B6 map carves out this area of Henrico and dilutes the percentage of Asian residents in HD56 even further to just under 8%. Even the adjacent district proposed on this map, HD65, will only have an Asian population of 18.8%. By putting this part of Henrico with Goochland, Hanover, and Caroline counties in HD56 you are carving out a small section of a highly suburban community and lumping it in with dissimilar rural communities while simultaneously diluting the Asian population in western Henrico.
Fran Larkins
Why divide Stafford County into 3 districts?? Do not include us in District 31 which goes all the way to Middleburg!!
Fran Larkins
Why divide Stafford County into 3 districts?? Do not include us in District 31 which goes all the way to Middleburg!!