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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Kenneth Nixon
I am not clear as to the reasoning for splitting up Manassas City between two delegate districts. It makes no sense for a jurisdiction like this to have a their representation essentially diluted and divided into two separate counties.
Daniel Eisert
One district for Ashburn, one for Sterling. Don't divide both towns (and the neighborhoods within them) in half.
Kripa Patwardhan
I don't agree with putting the Frying Pan precinct in 86 rather than 36. Frying Pan is part and parcel of the silver line corridor, and any districting map should reflect that.
Tim Baird
HD 60 and HD 27 are unacceptable. They split Bon Air in two pieces and then connect our community to portions of Henrico (like Short Pump) with which we do not share a close community of interest, such as we do with the portions of Richmond on the southside of the River and the portion of Henrico immediately across the Huguenot Bridge. This map reflects the kind of gerrymandering nonsense that the redistricting process was supposed to end. Hard No on this map.
Tim Baird
As a Bon Air resident, this proposed map would split Bon Air in half, with half of the community included in HD 60 and other half included in HD 27. The map would also play games with the 288 corridor and include a sliver of Western Henrico all the way to Short Pump in the same HD 60 that includes the western half of Bon Air. This type of gerrymandering is what the redistricting commission is supposed to end. While Bon Air definitely shares a community of interest with the Western portions of Richmond and Henrico along the James River, it does not share a community of interest with many of the areas included, and has the closest connection to our neighbors that would be located in HD 27. Do better.
Gay Donna Vandergriff
Thank you for keeping the Glen Allen area alongside Staples Mill Road and alongside Mountain Road together as drawn into a new district numbered here as 72. However, this version cuts across two distinct magisterial district lines used for Supervisor and School Board representation in Henrico County – Brookland and Three Chopt – and has a very small area that is served by the City of Richmond rather than Henrico County. I ran for the House of Delegates as a Republican from this area in 2019 in what is presently drawn as District 72 and I am very familiar with the area. Further, this drawing of districts 72 and 73, as shown, creates a District 60 which is very disjointed and does not recognize the distinct differences between the areas north of the James River (Henrico) and south of the James River (Chesterfield). In my 26 years here, the James River has served as a recognized line.
Brittany Rose
I like proposed HD72 uncouples much of the Three Chopt district of Henrico (which is fully suburban) from surrounding rural counties, though I am concerned that the way that HD60 is drawn dilutes the Asian population of this area. The Three Chopt magisterial district population is 22% Asian and this district reduces that to 17% (which is worlds better than the 11% we are at now in HD56). I think this can be addressed by shifting the line between HD60 and HD72.