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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Tim Baird
This comment is on proposed CD 10. Aligning Chesterfield, the second most populous City or County in Central Virginia (after Henrico) with the rural counties to the West and South, and not including any portion of the other urban, suburban, or even exurban (like Powhatan) parts of the Richmond metro area does not align my County with other localities with which it has the greatest community of interest. Any district including all or a significant portion of Chesterfield should also include at least the portion of Richmond south of the James River and the portions of Henrico and Goochland north of the James River. Those areas share common interests in jobs, development, education, leisure, health care, etc., that they do not share with the rural counties included in CD 10 on this map. I do not support this district.
Erin Restel
Leesburg & Ashburn should be in the same district as Gainesville because that is more suburban and urban. The rest of the proposed 8th is much more rural.
Richard G Zimermann
"Crossing the Bay" should reflect the "coi" of the Chesapeake Bay in a 'compact' district, not the pictured sausage. -- The Chesapeake Bay is bounded by the (a) Eastern Shore, (b) Cape Henry (n. of Norf.-Lafayette R. & VaBch First Landing Park'), and (c) Tidewater Peninsulas (Lower Penin., Middle Penin., Northern Neck). -- Respect locality boundaries of their local community neighborhoods in K-5 & Middle School attendance zones.