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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Sam Shirazi
I believe that District 37 focuses too heavily on compactness and keeping the greater Roanoke region in one district. It ignores communities of interest in the greater SW Virginia region by detaching Roanoke city from parts of Montgomery County that are currently in the 21st District. I would recommend a Roanoke city, Salem, Montgomery County, Radford city district. This would keep Roanoke College, Virginia Tech, and Radford to maintain these communities of interest together.
Jonathon Wright
While I appreciate the map drawers agreement on District 36 and it certainly meets a lot of criteria set out by the commission, it misses the point on including Danville with other majority minority communities of similar interest to the east. Attached is a potential SD in a compact triangle from Danville, to Emporia, to Farmville. It wouldn't necessarily favor one party, but it could provide the opportunity for a minority coalition district. Meanwhile, it would only split one locality, Pittsylvania, and provide the opportunity to include Hurt back with the county or at nearby Altavista.