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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Powhatan has lately become much more of a suburb of the Richmond area - more of an extension of Chesterfield. This map is outdated in its expectation that Powhatan is culturally and socially more aligned with the western counties, which it just is not any longer.
Alex Radsky
Dislike diving Rockbridge county into two districts. Also dislike separating Staunton and Waynesboro into separate districts
Sam Shirazi
It is possible to make this district into a majority African-American district by slight changes and taking it more into tidewater. Currently, this map only has 3 African-American majority districts in SE Virginia, but 4 are possible. I submitted a Senate map that shows how this is possible. I believe that we should try to make sure that there is fair representation for the African-American community.
Andrew Stegmaier
I hate that this map splits the Fan and Museum District right down the middle. I realize that the borders have to be somewhere, but couldn't you pick something like a highway, or a busy road, and not straight through a neighborhood with a strong sense of identity and cohesion?
Jonathon Wright
The inclusion of Richmond's East End in this version of the map goes against the state code's redistricting criteria (Code ยง 24.2-304.04 - Section 6) which requires the district to be contiguous by more than water connections. While I disagree with the alignment of the district it would definitely need to include more area to the west of Church Hill to capture at least one bridge crossing the James.
Thomas Underwood
The map is ok, but I would note the physically boundary of the Shenandoah Park. Culpeper has historically been tied with Orange, Madison and Rappahannock, going back to when Culpeper was split from Orange in 1749 and then the splits of Madison and Rappahannock later from Culpeper. The community ties still follow the history. There are many trade-offs, and best of luck to the commission.
Adam Rizzoli
This is terrible. Why does this district go out so far West? the Vienna + Oakton community has little to do with Oak Hill or half of Chantilly. It makes much more sense to include the GMU community since many people from Vienna and Oakton work and go to school there.
Jonathan P Aden
90%+ of Richmond can go into one state senate district. Why is it split into, what is more or less, thirds? This is something a gerrymander would do. The other set of maps does this as well, unfortunately.
Richard Christian Heiens
Richmond City could easily be drawn into a single Senate district, minus two precincts in Stony Point. Instead it's being carved up into 3 districts. Why? Eastern Powhatan has absolutely nothing in common with downtown Richmond. There's no need to split Richmond into three parts while also having a district that includes chunks of Henrico, Richmond City, Chesterfield, and only the easternmost precinct in Powhatan.
Richard Christian Heiens
This just looks like a subtle attempt to gerrymander. Hanover County could easily be drawn into one Senate district. Why is it being drawn into three?
Richard Christian Heiens
This map is, quite frankly, hideous. The awkward tail that juts into Clarke is not necessary. Why would such a tiny county be split up like that? Similar to the House maps, and map that would draw Culpeper and Orange into the same Senate district would be much appreciated. Culpeper and Greene are oriented towards the south, not the north. Our closest neighbors in terms of communities of interest are Orange and Spotsylvania.
Peggy Layne
The economy of Blacksburg and Montgomery County has more in common with Roanoke than with the more rural counties in proposed district 38.
Matthew Savage
I'm opposed to using Shreve Road as a boundary between these districts. Doing so would separate the community centered at Shrevewood Elementary school. It would be preferable to use Leesburg Pike as the boundary, just as Fairfax County uses it as the boundary between Providence and Dransville.
Carolyn Caywood
Surely there is a less salamander-like way to draw southern Norfolk! And the bits of Virginia Beach and Chesapeake are pulled away from their respective jurisdictions.
Carolyn Caywood
While I can live with this, I prefer the other senate map.
Anthony Ashby Gonzalez
As a Latino in Woodbridge, I commend the mapmaker for trying to create a Latino plurality district from Manassas to Woodbridge, but I think the district flies in the face of the requirements made by the State. There is nothing in common between Manassas and Woodbridge. The two communities are far apart from each other and it requires a 45-minute drive, partially through forest and back-country roads to get between them. To me the map should better take into account the way the communities interact. To me, the Centreville portion of District 11 should be joined up with Manassas, Manassas Park, Buckhall, Yorkshire, Sudley, Loch Lomond, and parts of Bull Run and/or Innovation. Those communities are all very tight-knit because they are connected through Centreville Road. The Woodbridge district should follow the spine of I-95, as that's how people view themselves. People in Woodbridge have far more economic, labor, and cultural ties to people in Cherry Hill, Leesylvania, Dumfries, Triangle, etc. So a district should be made that goes from Woodbridge, uses I-95 as the western border, extends south past Quantico, and then takes in enough of Northern Stafford County as needed to meet a State Senate district's size. Southern Stafford County looks to Fredericksburg, so should be a part of a Fredericksburg seat. If you actually do Fredericksburg + Spotsylvania + Southern Stafford, you have exactly enough for another State Senate seat. Then there would be a Lake Ridge-Potomac Mills-Dale City district whose eastern border is I-95, whose western border is the county line, and which comes up to about halfway through Linton Hall. The extreme north of Prince William County doesn't have a community of interest with the rest of the county, and is better off being pared with Fauquier County or adjacent parts of Loudoun. In fact, Northern Prince William County (north of Linton Hall) + Fauquier + Rappahannock + Culpeper is exactly the size of a State Senate seat, is economically cohesive, is culturally united and is a more compact district than the proposal here. In other words: 1 District = Centreville, Manassas, Buckhall, Manassas Park, Sudley, Loch Lomond, Bull Run. 1 District = Woodbridge, Cherry Hill, Leesylvania, Dumfries, Triangle, Quantico, Quantico Base, and Stafford County north of, and including, Stafford 1 District = Occoquan, Lake Ridge, Potomac Mills, Montclair, County Line, Independent Hill, Nokesville, half of Linton Hall 1 District = Rest of PW + Fauquier County + Rappahannock County + Culpeper County 1 District = Fredericksburg + Rest of Stafford + Spotsylvania See attached. Happy to provide any more feedback as needed and I appreciate the Commission's time in reviewing this comment.
Jonathon Wright
Marginally improved from the current SD-10, but hard to rationalize the splitting of Richmond to include Moseley and Powhatan with downtown Richmond. Unnecessary split of Tuckahoe in Henrico as well. Likely a democratic gerrymander.