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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
Gay Donna Vandergriff
I ask that you keep the Glen Allen area community with Henrico County. The Democrat maps have removed this area from Henrico County in an obvious, deliberate fashion. The Chickahominy River is used as the County line between Henrico and Hanover. Yet, the Democrat options cross the Chickahominy to include a small Republican leaning area, disassociating that small portion of Henrico from all community connections it currently shares. I live in the Glen Allen Elementary School precinct area and know the communities very well. I ran for the House of Delegates as a Republican from this area in 2019 in what is presently drawn as District 72. It is obvious to me that the Democrat drawings are done to reduce the Republican impact of these two voter precincts in the purple area of Western Henrico.
Constantine Roussos
I believe this map falls short of adhering to the principle of "Communities of Interest" and honoring county and city boundaries. Nelson Co. is lumped with localities with which it has very little in common. It should be combined with the bulk of Albemarle for numerous reasons including the facts that very many of Nelson's workers work in Albemarle and Charlottesville and vice versa; there is no topological boundary between Nelson and Albemarle; Nelson and Albemarle share medical facilities and organizations and are in the same planning district; their residents frequent many of the same recreational and tourist attractions. The list could go on and on. Furthermore Crimora which has been lumped in with Albemarle has more in common with localities west of the Blue Ridge. Putting more of that area in a more western district would enable Nelson to join Albemarle.
Meredith Baker
The Midlothian portion of current district 68 would be folded into proposed district 77. I understand that the Princeton Gerrymandering Project considers this map to be an A for nonpartisanship, but this area of 68 moves from a competitive district to a noncompetitive proposed district.
Chris DeRosa
This map breaks up Arlington's communities in so many (bad) ways. I live in District 1, but you've carved the rest of our Community of Interest into District 2 -- where we shop (Westover), go to school (Westover, Tuckahoe), where we play (Dominion Hills, Waverly Hills incl bike paths). You have definitely split up our community. Please change it.
Joanne Collins
Route 7 Leesburg Pike is a more natural boundary than Baron Cameron Ave to include North Reston in with the remainder of Reston or with the Town of Herndon where it shares a school district (currently in 18).
Brittany Rose
These maps split Henrico County into 6 different House of Delegate districts (Henrico is currently split into 5) - overall the A3 maps do a much better job in the Richmond region of maintaining/respecting county and city boundaries. My portion of Henrico County is currently a part of HD56 with Louisa County and parts of Goochland and Spotsylvania counties. This area of Henrico is fully suburban and to be in a district with largely rural counties as we are now doesn’t make sense - our proposed inclusion in district 56 as drawn in the B3 maps doesn’t make any more sense. We would be included in a district with portions of Hanover and Caroline counties (both are largely rural). Further, the population in this area of Henrico is made up of 22% Asian residents. The A3 map keeps us in a district entirely composed of Henrico residents with 23% of those residents being Asian (A3 district 70). This map carves out this area of Henrico and dilutes the percentage of Asian residents in HD56 even further to 8%.
Patrick Fritz
This map would join communities that have absolutely zero common interests. Northwest Rockingham county has much more in interest with Harrisonburg than Dyke or anything east of the Massanutten mountain range.
Jose Uribe
Northern Fauquier county should be placed within the same district as the I-66 corridor, through Haymarket and Gainesville area. These communities are rapidly developing exurbs that have economic ties.
Chelsea Gillenwater
I agree splitting St. Paul into two districts is an unnatural division on this map. B3 better enfranchises that area by including all of St. Paul and Castlewood in District 100.
David Flaherty
Seems like the section of Augusta County placed here in HD80 with Albemarle would be a better fit in HD69, and then Greene County (or part) could be shifted to the Albemarle district as those communities are better connected.
Joshua Mayes
While I in general like this map, the fact remains that this map splits New Kent County (currently represented by 1 delegate) into 2 districts-seemingly for little purpose.
Candace Butler
What is the rationale for including this "finger" in District 6?
Fran Larkins
Why in the world would you include this small portion of Stafford County in a district that goes all the way to Middleburg? Please try to have only 2 districts in Stafford County.
Christopher Jordan Labiosa
I was honored that Craig County was the #1 voting locality (81.7%) for the formation of the Redistricting Commission. In part, this was because Craig County is currently represented in the Virginia Senate by a Senator in Lynchburg. Though Senator Newman has done a fine job of representing our values, it is easy to see that Craig County is culturally and geographically different than Lynchburg and interested in different priorities. It is my assessment that Craig County should be in a Roanoke-based House of Delegate's district to maintain our community of interest. I was disappointed to see that Craig County has been drawn into a district weighted overwhelmingly in Montgomery. Though Craig County shares a small border and a backroad with Montgomery, we do not share much else. Craig County is in the Roanoke Metropolitan Region with a Roanoke-centric population base. A vast majority of our workforce travels to Roanoke County every day for employment utilizing Craig County's primary road, Rt 311, for travel. Rt. 311 is also a road maintained out of the Roanoke-based VDOT Salem residency. Craig County has just one small grocery store and most households rely on Salem/Roanoke as the closest source of broader options and prices. The largest industry in Craig County, a sand mining plant, relies on roads in the Catawba Valley to reach the Roanoke Cement Co. If you dial 911 in Craig County and need transportation to a hospital, the odds are more than 85% in favor of you being transported to a Roanoke-based hospital. Craig County law enforcement is trained at Cardinal Justice Academy in Salem and our allotment of State Troopers serves out of the Area 40 Office (Roanoke and Craig Counties). Our namesake, Robert Craig, was a Roanoke-based delegate. To remove Craig County from a Roanoke-based district would ignore substantial precedent in the fact that Craig County has never been paired within a district which does not include Roanoke County or Botetourt. Removing Craig County's Roanoke-based representation in the House of Delegates serves only to detach our interests from representation in Richmond. Craig County should be in a Roanoke-based House of Delegates district and not a district 95.8% weighted in the New River Valley.
Derek Ungerecht
On this version of the map I would prefer Western Branch North was moved from 55 to 49.
Laura Carini
Please do not split the City of Roanoke into separate districts!
Will Pace
While this version of the House Districts is better for Danville-Pittsylvania County than the other one, Danville-Pittsylvania County should not be split in three or more districts. Please try to put Pittsylvania County in two House districts. Census 2020 numbers Danville has 42,590 Pittsylvania County has 60,501
Jennifer Beard
Once again Albemarle County is split into two districts. Albemarle County should all be in one district.
Richard Christian Heiens
There's no reason to divide New Kent like this. What's more, the division around Williamsburg just seems like a stealthy way to draw a Democrat gerrymander and make sure that York County is represented by a Democrat. You can draw a Williamsburg-centered district without having to make it go so far into York County, and without needing to carve up a county as small as New Kent.
Richard Christian Heiens
There's little reason to seemingly *intentionally* ignore county lines when drawing maps. Dinwiddie should be in its own district.
Richard Christian Heiens
Similar to the GOP proposal, this map splits up the community of interest of Culpeper and Orange, which have been in the same House District for well over 100 years. While it's a good thing that Page is no longer in this district, there is little sense in drawing Rappahannock into a district that includes Culpeper. The two counties border one another but have completely different orientations. Rappahannock is oriented north towards Front Royal and Warrenton. Culpeper is oriented south towards Orange. Our community has much more in common with our southern neighbor than our northern one, and we have been in the same House district for generations. It would be possible to draw all of Culpeper and all of Orange minus the westernmost precinct that borders Greene and Albermarle into the same district. This would be a much better district to draw.
Julian Gordon
As a resident of the proposed 67th district, I believe you are missing an opportunity to combine communities of interest when you split Bon Air into two separate districts.
Randall Wolf
While District 73 combines Staunton and Waynesboro and creates a compact district it seems it does so at the expense of Distract 74 and District 78 that grow to very large geographic sizes.
Matthew Savage
Pairing the city of Falls Church with Arlington rather than the surrounding precincts of Fairfax County still makes absolutely no sense to me. It ignores the joint history of our community. Even more concerning, this proposal would divide the greater Falls Church community into three separate districts, denying us effective representation in the General Assembly
Frances Larkins
While we would like to be included with the city of Fredericksburg, at least House District 33 in Version#102 keeps southern Stafford County together more compactly with no carveouts along Route 17. Version #100 includes my community and the city of Fredericksburg as House District #34 but needs to extend further north from Route 17 to at least Truslow Rd. so Celebrate by Del Webb and the Falls Run retirement communities aren't in two different districts.
Donna Paula Price
This map is ridiculous! It takes approximately 1/2 of the total population of the City of Charlottesville and County of Albemarle and includes it in a far-ranging District 76 with a population whose needs are very, very different from ours; and diminishes the value of the remaining voters in Albemarle County by watering them down in the other District - 80. It is a clear effort to dilute the voting power of all of Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville. Just look at District 76 how this narrow, sliver of land juts into Albemarle County and the City of Charlottesville. The gerrymandering could not be more clear!
Carol E Thompson-Nelson
Another thought re bringing more of Orange County into connectivity to Culpeper/Madison counties: Northern Rappahanouck strongly orients to Front Royal for shopping, work etc and likewise much of Rappahanouck orients to Warrenton/Fauquier due to highway corridor and shopping (for example, Rapp. County has no major grocery stores, so very oriented to out-of-county essential services).
Bennett Snyder
I don't know how I feel about a district the stretches all the way from Christiansburg to Cave Spring. I feel Cave Spring's more suburban nature mixes better with Salem than it would with places like Shawsville and Elliston. I also think it would make more sense if Shawsville and Elliston were put in a district with Floyd rather than Cave Spring; I feel like that makes a better community of interest than this map.
Chris DeRosa
Most of the CNU (Christopher Newport University) campus has been united into one House district (42), which is a great improvement over the current maps (which splits CNU into two different House districts - this forced students to "move" to another district if/when they moved to East Campus across Rt 60/Warwick Blvd). However, part of the campus is assigned to District 38, which doesn't make sense. There may not be residential housing in that part of campus; nevertheless it should be kept in 42 with the rest of the campus.
Sara Fitzgerald
Arguments can be made for putting Falls Church City with either Arlington or Fairfax County. However, looking at both of the updated approaches, I like the other one. I found the comments heard at the last commission meeting to be compelling about trying not to divide up the community along Columbia Pike, although it is divided by a county line. The other map seems to have a better solution for grouping Arlington neighborhoods.