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Population and Geography based on 2020 census
David Hechtman
This plan preserves Fairfax County's Woodburn precinct (#717) but puts much of Merrifield in a district extending all the way to Clifton and the Occoquan. Merrifield is a community of interest that should not be split in this manner.
Powhatan has lately become much more of a suburb of the Richmond area - more of an extension of Chesterfield. This map is outdated in its expectation that Powhatan is culturally and socially more aligned with the western counties, which it just is not any longer.
Sam Shirazi
I believe that Districts 24 should be redrawn to make it a majority African-American district. It is possible to have 4 majority African-American districts in Southside and Tidewater. I submitted a Senate map with this possibility. This map only has 3 and unfairly dilutes African-American voting strength.
Matthew Berner
District 26 is a blatant gerrymander. District 26 is not compact. District 26 combines stretches too far to connect two far away communities.
Matthew Berner
District 8 is not compact. This district is too long. Districts like this are not the best way to keep communities of interest together. The district also extends beyond Fairfax County into PW County for no reason. There were plenty of more neighborhoods in Fairfax that could be part of this district. Districts like this prevent citizens from understanding their district. Districts like this prevent good representation by forcing representatives to represent too many different towns. Districts like this prevent citizens from having a central place to protest.
Matthew Berner
District 9 is not compact. Manassas and has been completely separated from almost every other neighboring community. Manassas is a community not far from I-66 but somehow is part of district touching I-95.
Aleise Matheson
District 29 could be redrawn to include some of district 26 to increase 29’s racial diversity. Also Richmond City should not be in the same district as rural counties! That is ridiculous. I would put that small part of Richmond in district 28 with the rest of the city. Definitely still seems like some districts are drawn along some racial boundaries.
Aleise Matheson
Agree with other commenters that district 26 seems completely gerrymandered to pack all residents along 95 into one district. Needs to be redrawn so Richmond residents are together!
Jennifer Cooper
The break in PWC in District 9 and 10 doesn't appear to even, I would reconsider these lines.
Jennifer Cooper
The break in PWC in District 9 and 10 doesn't appear to even, I would reconsider these lines.
Derek Ungerecht
This district doesn't seem to make much sense to me.
Derek Ungerecht
I can appreciate this although I would like "Southern" and "Northern" Western Branch to remain together.
Peggy Layne
The economy of Montgomery County is tied more closely to the Roanoke Valley than to the more rural counties to the north. Blackburg has more of a community of interest with Roanoke than with Craig County and the northern parts of proposed district 38.
Fran Larkins
Good to see the map drawers trying to keep the City and counties whole but Version #103 B3 does a much better job of capturing the "communities of interest" around the City of Fredericksburg.
Charlie Bruce
HD-26 is a shameless gerrymander. It is ​contiguous only by the fact it is on the 95 corridor.
Carol E Thompson-Nelson
9/18 A3 for SD 33 makes much less sense than the B3 option from a community of interest point of view. Much better to use the Shenandoah Mountains as a boundary and keep the new SD for Culpeper-Madison counties, etc. in union with other zones east of the mountains. Again, this is far more in concert with resourcing these areas from a human services point of view.
Anthony Ashby Gonzalez
District 8 is badly configured. It actually follows the current configuration, which is a partisan gerrymander. In fact, most of the Northern Virginia seats are not based on community of interest. I assume the mapmaker based the entire Nova map on creating a GOP vote sink in Western Prince William County and Southern Fauquier County. The Manassas-to-Occoquan district is also not a community of interest. It splits off Manassas from its northern suburbs like Sudley, Bull Run, Loch Lomond and Yorkshire, and pairs it with communities far away like Montclair. I'm also not sure what the motivation is for creating a Fredericksburg seat that takes in King George County instead of the adjacent Spotsylvania suburbs. This one also appears to be motivated by a desire to create a strong GOP district in Fredericksburg, rather than meeting the State's criteria. I also question the configurations for District #13 and District #33. Having two districts that cross Shenandoah National Park is a very blatantly odd choice, as Culpeper and Rockingham County are far apart from each other and getting from one to the other requires crossing a mountain range!
Timothy Hruz
Needlessly large population deviations in districts 9 and 10. Transfer Ashland precinct in PW Co from district 10 to district 9.
Jonathon Wright
Swap southern Rockbridge/Lexington along the Route 11 corridor into SD-38 and move western Bedford into SD-35 to keep Bedford County contiguous and better match physical geography using the BRP.
Susan A Bivins
Why is Richmond split into 3 districts? As a community of interest the entire urban area should be included in one district.
Jonathon Wright
SD-26 is an gerrymander that disregards COI and compactness in order to pack black voters.